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    Started as a flash animation by Shi Huang in 2002, POBABY has been widely spread with favorable comments after appearing on the Internet, and it soon becomes one of the most favorable Internet flashes in recent years. In 2003, Shi Huang founded Shanghai Shi Huang Flash Design Ltd and the website Since then, the company has sustainably produced more than 20 of flashes, games, and other products. Several big Internet portals in China, including,, and have special sections on their main website to present PoBABY works. What is more, some professional online game or flash portals take POBABY as their special recommendation, for instance, and It is estimated that at least 500 million people have watched the works from POBABY. Its subject website has been so popular since its setting up in 2003 that the current daily page view is about 100 000 with all praise, and its virtual community has more than 600 000 registered users.
    Meanwhile, the POBABY has acquired very good result after playing by some TV channels, more than 20 TV channels have played these POBABY works, and gained high audience rate especially in Shanghai TV, Gold Eagle Cartoon TV, Tianjin TV and Beijing TV. It should be mentioned that during the SARS in 2003, one of the commonwealth tendentious flash, Seven Weapons, was just on time to promote the prevention and cure methods of SARS with a pretty and compatible image of a POBABY, which has made good influence on the public and received many positive feedbacks.
    Although initially POBABY is only a flash from Internet, it has made quite some professional achievements and been highly valued by some specialist and professionists. Jing Yang Gang and Jin Ping Meih, two flashes from POBABY, won the Best Internet Flash Prize and the Excellent Internet Flash Prize respectively in the Second China TV Association Cartoon Academy held in Qingdao in 2003. Jin Ping Mei has also acquired the most popular internet flash prize of the year; Their Director, Shi Huang, has been praised as one of the Best Ten New Editors in Chinese Cartoon Industry of the year by the Chinese TV Association. In the Third China TV Association Cartoon Academy held in Dalian in 2004, the POBABY series had won the Excellent Movie Sample Prize. And the Hero Who Shoots the Eagle has been chosen to attend the International Cartoon Festival in Ancy France in the same year, which has won the Flash Praise of CG works in the2nd Multimedia Works. All in all, POBABY has gained so many prizes that it is hard to count them all here in this brief introduction.
    To some extent, POBABY is now the most influential cartoon image in China, as well as the most focusable image cartoon that has the least input.

* Director Introduction:
    Tian Yixin, pseudonym Shi Huang, ancestral home in Luoyang, started to work in Shanghai Animation Film Studio in 1994. He has participated producing of quite some domestic and international cartoons. Shi Huang began to work on the flashes on Internet since 2002 by creating Surprise, Without comment with his pseudonym Shi Huang, The first section of POBABY, Mid Autumn, Shoulder the Wife was created in the mid autumn in 2002. He set up Shanghai Shi Huang Flash Design Ltd in 2003 to

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