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    National Treasure
    Name:shihuang Time:2008-7-1 15:19:41 Hit:8428
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    • When Bad Dog goes out to take a whiz, he is dognapped. Ya has Pobaby post signs for her lost dog and sends him out to find Bad Dog. San Jie sets up an exhibit in which he claims to have the last Panda on earth, and people flock to see his Panda. Finally Ya pays her admission to see the Panda. When she sees it she is reminded of Bad Dog, so she reaches in to pet it. She notices ink on her hand, so she wipes the ink away from the Panda´s eyes and discovers it´s not a Panda after all C it´s a very fat Bad Dog! San Jie moves in to attack Ya and is clocked in the back of the head by Pobaby. The story ends with Ya coaching Bad Dog in the gym to take off the weight San Jie put on him to make him look like a Panda.
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