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    Name:shihuang Time:2008-7-1 15:19:16 Hit:9364
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    • San Jie is running with a cart filled with bags. He hits a bump and one of the bags falls off. The bag moves and a small hand reaches out. The next morning at Yas Fork Inn the Road, Pobaby walks outside and trips over something. Its a baby. He strokes its head, and then it begins to cry. Ya and Bad Dog come out to see whats the racket. Ya takes the baby inside. Pobaby gets out his bottle. The baby takes it, stops crying and begins to drink. That night San Jie retraces his steps and sees the bag in front of the Fork Inn the Road. He sneaks in and steals the baby back. The next morning, Pobaby and Ya post bills about the missing baby. They walk by the police station and see a notice that babies everywhere are missing. They form a plan using Pobaby as bait to catch the babynapper. Pobaby walks through town at night and is, naturally, nabbed by San Jie. Ya and Bad Dog see it happen, and Bad Dog follows San Jie. At San Jies lair, Porro bursts from the bag and catches the men. The police show up and there is Pobaby, feeding his bottle to the baby. Porro is nowhere to be seen. The next morning there is a new banner hanging outside the Fork Inn the Road thanking Pobaby and Ya for their help in catching the crooks.
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