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    The Hero Hou Yi Shoots Down the Suns
    Name:shihuang Time:2008-7-1 15:07:50 Hit:5841
    • Content:
    • In ancient times, the world was thriving and beautiful until the ten suns appeared. The crops withered and the rivers dried up. The emperor called upon the hero, Hou Yi (Pobaby), and his wife, Chang E (Xiao Ya), to take care of the problem. These heroes always completed their tasks. They feared nothing. (But they were, perhaps, a little fat.) Hou Yi, armed with nine magic arrows, shot at the suns. The first arrow missed and the suns laughed at Hou Yi. One of the gods, Ba Jie, came out to see what was the racket. The next shot hit the god and sent him plummeting to earth, where he fell into a pigsty. Sun Wukong (the Monkey King), Tang Seng, and Sha Seng, see the god, who has now become a human. Tang Seng says, Ba Jie, we have been waiting for you to go to the West, and at this, the fallen Buddha cries. The scene switches back to Hou Yi and Chang E. Hou Yi fires his arrows and shoots down nine of the suns, leaving the one we have today. A bird in the sun flies down and comes up from behind the two heroes and carries Chang E off to the moon.

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